Tarot & Creative Coven

Tarot is an incredible tool for unlocking creative potential.
Tarot is a daily part of my creative practice.


My style of reading helps clients connect with their creative power, understand their own innate intuition, and is balanced with a healthy dose of practical application. I also incorporate tarot into workshops and team building exercises to help people find inspiration and discover a new approach to their current creative process.

I started exploring the tarot more seriously at the beginning of 2018 and completed a Tarot Apprenticeship at Maha Rose with Anna Toonk at the end of 2018.

"I just had the most wonderful Tarot reading with Clare.  First of all, she is great simply to spend time with, offering a warm, fun, and creative presence.  And the clarity and reassurance I experienced through the reading were such a gift.  It helped me settle into confidence around some big decisions that are brewing.  I'll be back for more!"

— Eowyn Levene, Living Link Massage Therapy (30 minute, in person)


“I had such a great reading with Clare!  She described the meaning behind each card very clearly and helped me to look at my questions from a new perspective.  I feel as if I have permission to move forward in my career and relationships in a new way!  Thanks again Clare!”

— Michelle (30 minute, in person)


15 minutes for $15

Schedule a 15 minute phone session today. This is a super affordable, convenient option to help get clarity around a single question or idea. This is also a great option if you’re new to tarot and wondering what it is all about. Phone sessions allow flexibility for you to be wherever is most comfortable and convenient for you.

30-60 minute tarot sessions

Looking for more than 15 minutes? Have a few questions or a big life decision ahead and are seeking clarity? Schedule a longer tarot session where we can take a deeper dive.

If you’re in the NYC area we can arrange to meet in person, and I also offer phone sessions, so location is no obstacle! Contact me for rates and availability.


Creative Coven

Creative Coven is an exploration of how Creativity relates to the divine/intuition/spirituality. I've come to realize that Creativity IS my spiritual practice when I am most wholly myself, and I'd like to share what I've learned while exploring more deeply with others. 

Topics change month-to-month.

Creative Coven incorporates exploration of a text/author, music, tarot, tea, and fellowship together. 

The 7 Agreements of Creative Coven are: 

Readiness to have no ideas.
Openness to foolishness and vulnerability.
Divorce ourselves from achievement and seek presence and attention.
Tempt our own limits.
Witness one another. 
Create an energized space. 
Willingness to reveal the dark parts of our souls.


Tarot for Creative Practice & Events

Are you looking for a tarot reader for your event? Are you interested in hosting a workshop for your team to facilitate creative breakthrough that incorporates tarot? Schedule a call with me to discuss how I might be able to bring a little dash of witchiness and a whole lot of creative problem solving to your team or event.


I had an amazing experience with Clare. I had been skeptical of the whole Tarot process prior, but Clare re-assured me that everything would be helpful food for thought (versus certain answers) and she was right. Everything she read from the cards resonated with me and sounded like things I had considered and thought of at one point myself, and the way she was able to organize and string together the narrative helped give me clarity around things that I had been feeling and thinking but needed some direction on. Although she didn't know any of the details of my life, my reading felt like advice from an old friend and I've taken some of these learnings beyond my tarot reading since. Thank you, Clare!

— Zeina (60 minutes, in person)