Creative Services Offered


Copy, Content & Connection



Digital advertising
Product and marketing copy
Push notifications
Drip campaigns
Email marketing
Social media (organic and paid)

Clients include entertainment, financial services, theater, and networking/dating apps.


Need someone to write as you? Let me help you sound like yourself, only better.

Ghostwriting experience includes:

Thought Leadership
Book proposals

Idea Midwifery

Many of the clients I’ve worked with have remarked that I’m more than a writer and editor, that I help craft and hone ideas in a very particular way. Michael Gasiorek of Truth Cartel described this as “idea midwifing.”

I can help you take your ideas from a twinkle in your eye to fully articulated piece of content. From translation of technical concepts to distilling of voice, I’ve got you covered.


I read tarot for a variety of clients. I am most skilled at using the symbolism of the tarot to construct narratives that can help you better understand your own creative and intuitive nature. Career breakthroughs, new ventures, and life changes are some of my favorite things to explore in a reading. Love and romance? Sure, we can pull some cards about that, too. But I’m most interested in utilizing tarot to help you connect with your own creative power and presence.

Find out more about my tarot services, including 15 minute for $15 phone sessions here.

Experience design & Facilitation

I create unique, memorable experiences and focus on bridging caps and overcoming barriers through empathy and shared meaning.

I marry big ideas with attention to detail to orchestrate embodied, transformative experiences that encourage creative participation.

Have an event already and need someone to make it more interactive and fun? I can help make your event more interactive, engaged, and fun! I get people talking, interacting, and engaging vulnerably and authentically.

Personal Essays/Opinion

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Branded Content

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