Creative Services



Digital advertising
Product and marketing copy
Push notifications
Drip campaigns
Email marketing
Social media (organic and paid)

Clients include entertainment, financial services, theater, and networking/dating apps.


Need someone to write as you? Let me help you sound like yourself, only better.

Ghostwriting experience includes:

Thought Leadership
Book proposals


Experience design & Facilitation

I create unique, memorable experiences and focus on bridging caps and overcoming barriers through empathy and shared meaning.

I marry big ideas with attention to detail to orchestrate embodied, transformative experiences that encourage creative participation.

Have an event already and need someone to make it more interactive and fun? I can help make your event more interactive, engaged, and fun! I get people talking, interacting, and engaging vulnerably and authentically.

Idea Midwifery

Many of the clients I’ve worked with have remarked that I’m more than a writer and editor, that I help craft and hone ideas in a very particular way. Michael Gasiorek of Truth Cartel described this as “idea midwifing.”

I can help you take your ideas from a twinkle in your eye to fully articulated piece of content. From translation of technical concepts to distilling of voice, I’ve got you covered.