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It all starts with a story.
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Hi, I’m Clare. I have over a decade of experience researching creative practice, both through embodied inquiries as an actor, dancer, and performance artist, and as an academic and educator. I create experiences, content, and communities.

I craft big ideas that drive conversion. I write compelling copy that spurs action.
I can nerd-out on anything, and can translate my enthusiasm to your audience/customers.

I’m currently researching the connection between creativity and intuition and helping people learn to focus their creative energies for a more holistically creative life.


Idea Midwife

Have the seed of an idea and need to work out the details? Sitting on the draft of a manuscript you haven’t been able to finish? Writing your own blogs, but somehow they just don’t sound like you? That’s where I come in.

Creative Coven

Creative Coven is a monthly event that explores to connection between creative practice and intuition. Part ritual, part discourse, part community, Creative Coven meets each month to explore a new aspect of creativity.


I started exploring the tarot more seriously at the beginning of 2018 and completed a Tarot Apprenticeship at Maha Rose with Anna Toonk at the end of 2018.

Tarot is an integral part of my creative practice.

My style of reading helps clients connect with their creative power, understand their own innate intuition, and is balanced with a healthy dose of practical application.

I also incorporate tarot into workshops and team building exercises to help people find inspiration and discover a new approach to their current creative process.

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Copy, Content & Ghostwriting

I’ve written blogs, website copy, newsletters, ad copy, book proposals, poems, social media copy, and more. I’ve worked for start-ups, financial institutions, thought leaders, political experts, dating apps, and educators.

I have a particular aptitude for ghostwriting, which I attribute to my decade of theater training. Having trouble articulating your thoughts in text as clearly as you’d like? I’m here to make you sound like you, only better.

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At my core, I tell stories, and I help others tell their stories.

Stories bring us together, they connect us. I believe that each person in the world is creative.

I’m classically trained as an actor, but I’ve hung my feathered Shakespeare hat up as of late to focus more on immersive performance art, storytelling, and theater activism.




Clare's work is unparalleled. She costs a lot, but it's so worth it. Her quality is the best I've come across, and her turnaround times are impeccable.

Michael Gasiorek (Founder, Truth Cartel)


I had such a great reading with Clare!  She described the meaning behind each card very clearly and helped me to look at my questions from a new perspective.  I feel as if I have permission to move forward in my  career and relationships
in a new way!  Thanks again Clare!

— Michelle

I had such a great reading with Clare! She described the meaning behind each card very clearly and helped me to look at my questions from a new perspective. I feel as if I have permission to move forward in my career and relationships in a new way! Thanks again Clare!

Amber Morley Rieke